Why SEO is Important for your Business

When you talk about marketing today, you can’t discount SEO.  SEO is a feasible marketing strategy that if properly planned can bring your business to great heights.  Studies have claimed that SEO generates better results compared to TV commercials and print advertisements.  But of course, there is no single type of advertising which is powerful enough to bring the ROI you are thinking of.  It’s always a combination of several forms.  However, SEO can give you more better branding and business visibility, brand credibility,  traffic, higher ROI, influence to consumer behavior.


Better branding and business visibility

You would always want that your company’s products and services come first on search engine rankings.  But this is not the main reason why you would want it on top; you need these converted to sales.  How do you top rankings?  You will need to appear in every related keyword search as much as possible so finally they would click onto your site. Also, when your brand keeps on appearing on the searches, it would build greater awareness to all your prospects.  Since you have that top ranking, customer perception towards your brand becomes more positive and usually trust is developed.

Brand credibility

When your brand is always appearing on top rankings, searchers would actually remember it. It’s like instilling to their consciousness that your product or service exist and eventually builds more confidence.  It’s like Google believes in this brand, it should be trustworthy;  it’s the psychology of being on top.  For example, when you use the yellow pages and look for a particular service, you would naturally stick to those who are on the first few pages rather than those in the middle or last.


When you have increased your website traffic, it doesn’t stop there.  Most of these visitors are like window shoppers and they might not click “order” right there and then.  But since you are already able to lure them to visit to your site, your work is half done.  Your site should be engaging to ultimately convert your site traffic to actual sales.

Return on investment

SEO gives you quicker result than traditional advertising and this is true for other forms of internet marketing strategies.  The reason behind this is that SEO is inbound marketing which means that you are able to market them when they are looking for the type of product or service you’re offering.  You do not disturb them when they’re watching a TV show or take up space on the newspaper they’re reading.  Since they searched for the type of product or services you are selling, they already have the intent to buy and all you need to do is convince them that you are the best provider.

Customer insights

With analytics as a tool to analyze traffic coming in your site you are able to know more about your prospects like the technology and language they are using, demographics and behavior.  This information will help you make informed decisions like on how to position your product according to the demographics generated.

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How to Break Into Affiliate Marketing

Any discussion of making money online eventually leads to discussions around affiliate marketing, but what is it and how can you get started today? Affiliate marketing entails someone (the affiliate) getting paid for selling someone else’s (the merchant) product. It’s an online advertising method wherein affiliates promote and advertise the products of a merchant online in exchange for a percentage of the income that he makes for the affiliate. Affiliates then earn a commission for every customer they bring to the merchant’s website. In some cases, merchants do not require sales of the product, affiliates can also earn commissions if customers sign in for a free trial or takes another action, like for example an inquiry telephone call made to the merchant’s office.
Affiliate marketing is very popular in the MMO (make money online) subculture. There are so many choices available, that it can seem quite confusing to get started, but read on and I’m sure the process will seem much easier. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product for someone else, you’re in control of your own business, but you did not have to develop or buy the rights to the product yourself. This is a massive upside since you don’t need alot of infrastructure in place, you can get started right away.


The whole basis of affiliate marketing is that you as the affiliate should have access to a market who you can sell products to that the original merchant may not have access to. Start with your audience – how are you going to acquire them? It may be that you already have decent readership on your blog and you can leverage that. It may be that you’re a Cost-per-click expert and you can generate sales using an Facebook or Adwords campaign. It may be that you’re an SEO expert and you can outrank the original merchant for some keywords – whatever your angle, make sure you know your audience and how you’re going to reach them. It’s important to know who are your website visitors, what are they interested in, and what products that will most likely sell to them.

Find a product to promote

If you are prepared to sign up for an affiliate program, find good programs that you can start with. Make sure that you research on the programs that have good feedback and reviews. Make sure also to consider their guidelines, payouts and commission plans. The easiest way to do this is on a site like clickbank, but if you already have a product in mind then you can contact the product owner asking if they run and private affiliate schemes.

Find quality products that online readers will be interested to purchase. However, keep in mind that top of the line products have a smaller market, so you may want to settle with products that are affordable by most people. Also choose products that are sellable online. Books, computer-related products, clothing and gifts are among the popular items over the internet. There are affiliate programs that don’t require sales. In some cases, affiliate programs will only require visitors to sign in or register, fill out a survey form or download something. If this is easier for you, you can also find affiliate programs of this kind. However, if you already have a blog then focus on your website traffic, and what products they are most likely interested in.

Check your traffic

If you’re already reading this, chances are, you already have a website and you want to make use of it in affiliate marketing. If not, then building good targeted traffic to your website is one requisite in any moneymaking opportunities online. There are several ways to get traffic to your site. You can use pay per click, article marketing, search engine optimization or some other free and creative ways to bring your target audience to your site. This goes beyond the scope of this article but traffic is essential for making money.

Create a Sales Funnel

You will need a sales funnel set up from the beginning. A sales funnel can be as simple as a landing page with a purchase link on it, but more common is a longer sales funnel involving a few different steps. A great way to do this is to offer a lead magnet – something you give away for free in exchange for the visitor’s email address. You then have an email autoresponder sequence that follows up with your prospect automtically and sells your product for you. Some sales funnels also utilize upsells, whereby you sell a low value item initially, then try and ‘upsell’ a more expensive product after the sale of the first item.

This affiliate marketing beginners guide will help get you started as these are some of the basic ideas. It’s a difficult topic to cover in one blog post since each of the topics above could be their own blog post. Once you get everything started, do not be surprised if it takes a while to start seeing major profits. If you have patience and diligence, it should eventually happen for you. Affiliate marketing, for beginners, may take long to realize the earnings, so you need to be patient. Some affiliate programs may require a limit before the payout, so you need to work on it more.

Saving Time by Outsourcing Tasks

At a certain point you realize it’s not ideal for a small business owner to spend all his or her time managing the business, bookkeeping, or otherwise spending valuable time on menial tasks. It’s much better for a business owner to shift his/her attention from those tasks to constructive areas of the business such as growing the business, building good customer relationship and managing your business systems. When a company has a firmly established workflow, they frequently take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing. Your business may be your baby, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Outsourcing tasks mean that companies save time, and the hassles that may accompany the smaller practices of a business.

Outsourcing routine, specialist or time-consuming tasks to others means that you can get on with the core work of your business, whether that’s completing work for clients, creating products or growing the business in other ways. Have you considered outsourcing any of the following tasks?

Have you considered outsourcing any of the following tasks?

This is where a virtual assistant comes in handy. If you haven’t heard of a virtual assistant (normally abbreviated to VA), they are self-employed professional assistants, who provide administrative, secretarial and creative support businesses and individuals. VAs are perfect for small businesses because they can provide as much or as little support as you need. They provide the usual secretarial services such as typing, transcription, diary management and appointment bookings, to more specialist tasks such as business writing, book-keeping and event management, right up to the very modern day skills that continually evolve, like website design and maintenance, social media skills, internet marketing, blogging and creating video tutorials.


So for example, if you’re spending an hour a day struggling to write your blog posts and another hour coordinating your social media updates, when you could be using those two hours to complete client work or make products you can sell, or whatever, why not outsource the tasks that don’t make you any money and use the time more profitably?

Call Answering
Some virtual assistants will also answer your business calls for you if that’s a service you require, or you can use one of the many companies who specialize in this. For a fairly modest monthly fee, you can have a real, live receptionist who will answer the phone in the name of your company, take messages and pass them onto you promptly

Again, there are virtual assistants who specialize in bookkeeping services, or you can look for a freelance accountant. Make life easier on yourself by keeping all your receipts and invoices, up to date payment records and anything else you might use in your tax return. Personally, I’ve found bookkeeping something  that’s best to keep onshore (i.e. native accountants) when outsourcing.

Website Design and Maintenance
With the rise of WordPress, it is possible to build a fairly good, optimized website yourself if you have some knowledge of basic HTML, but if in doubt, and most definitely if you want to save time, find a professional and give them your brief. The same goes for logos and graphic design. If you find a techy person that works well with you, hold onto them with both hands – their support will be invaluable!

Business Systems

The list of tasks you can outsource is endless, and you should be aiming to outsource as much as possible in order to free up time to spend on growth. The ideas above should get you started, but any task you’re currently performing can be outsourced if you break it down into systems.

Think about the steps involved in the task from start to finish. Write those steps down, clarify in your mind the exact process you follow to complete these tasks, and what needs to be done in every circumstance if problems arrive. Youpwork-logo-1200ur aim is to create a procedure document that you can give to someone with little knowledge on your task, and have them complete it themselves. When you’re happy with the document, go back and record videos for explaining each step. Now you have a comprehensive document that explains how to complete that task, all you need to do is hire a VA to do the task for you – and if your VA leaves, you won’t have to spend ages training a new one because the procedure document will do that for you!

Don’t waste your valuable time on tasks you could economically outsource to others. Save your most precious commodity for activities that make you money and grow your business.

Tips for the First-Time Business Owner

Are you thinking of running your own business? Here are useful tips for first-time business owner?


A number of new business owners are quickly overwhelmed by the opportunities in the market that sometimes they get sidetracked.  As a result they juggle various business ventures at the same time.  While some may have done this and succeeded, this should be something to think about.  Being a first-time business owner, you have so many things to learn in running an actual business.  Your attention may be spread in so many things that you may fail to see some important aspects in any one of the ventures you are pursuing that might result to big losses.

Pitch it in 30 seconds

Entrepreneurial management would say that if you know what your business is, it would be easy for you to give a sales pitch about it.  If you can’t, then maybe you do not know your business at all.  Know your mission, goals, product or service and deliver all of these in a very concise manner.

Be frugal

You are just starting, defer about having a fancy office or a fast car.  You have to be conscious on where your money goes.  Triple check all disbursements you may have.   Keep your overhead low and watch out for your cash flow.

Don’t expect someone will give you money

If you are thinking of big amounts to launch a business venture, think again and go back to your plan.  Determine your starting point instead of thinking for the end point.  You have to find out how you can scale down your plans.  You may need to simplify your idea to make it manageable, because you are just starting.

There is no perfect plan

No matter how much you prepare for your business and how much time you devoted to research just to make sure your business will get profit the soonest, you have to be ready of the unexpected and have contingencies on hand.

Walk the talk

Sell your business truthfully and never exaggerate.  Your figures will show how your business is running so, keep quiet when you do not have anything to say than lies about your business.  It will not do you any good.

Swallow your pride

If you think it’s time to call it quits, forget your ego and quit.  You don’t want to incur any more losses than what you are losing already.

Check this video on Business Startup Tips.

Facebook Vs Twitter Vs Google – comparison of advertising platforms

There are billions of people who are on the web from all over the world actively using and interacting within various platforms available.  With this alone, it presents a vast opportunity for businesses because prospects are actually easily reachable.  Businesses have to make their presence known, interact with their identified target markets and so on.

There are three widely used advertising platforms today and these are Facebook, Twitter and Google.  Let us explore how each of these platforms operates.


Facebook_New_Logo_(2015).svgFacebook has set the bar too high for social media.  It has been very successful in making people from all over the world connected.  It’s a lot of fun and very interactive.  The main reason why a lot of people are into it, making it a catch basin for businesses.  Almost all the consumers are on Facebook and it doesn’t require for you to be a brilliant business owner to see it as an opportunity.  Facebook ads are not searched based but a good thing about it is that it gives you the venue to target specific demographics.  Facebook has the information of its users and you can use this to catapult a good advertising campaign that is targeted and therefore more effective.  Promoted Posts is the most used FB ad which revolves on the idea of sharing your business page to a group of Facebook users.  Facebook offers the following managed services:

  1. Design Offer
  2. Creation of an Ad Copy
  3. Creation of a Landing Page
  4. Report on Optimization and Analytics
  5. Targeting Audience
  6. Lead Qualification
  7. Strategy Reach

Twitter Ads

twitterTwitter offers an ad platform for larger brands via sponsored tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.  Payment term is pay/impression so that your sponsored tweet will be appearing on top of the feeds.  Seaches in Twitter use hashtags and are affixed to search terms.  They say that this platform has yet to evolve for it to offer a better advertising platform for businesses.  Though, It has a lot of potential because the Twitter community has also a vast coverage and maybe later on can broaden its advertising platform to cater to not-so-large businesses.

Twitter ads are done in the following manner:

  1. Sponsored Tweets– Here, you are able to highlight specific status update.  This will serve best when you are offering deals, sharing contents, building awareness and building your brand’s voice.
  2. Promoted trends – Here, with the help of your keywords or search words with the hashtag, will appear first on the tweet feeds.
  3. Promoted Accounts– Here, it focuses on your business profile and should offer better exposure to develop a wider following base who is interested in the kind of business you are offering.

Google AdWords

google-This is an advertising platform which employs a search-based method.  As a business, you are able to target your market by using well researched keywords.  Google Adwords has an option where you can place your advertisement on Google search network or on display partners.  Google ad platform is a bit complex and cost higher but it promises excellent results.
Here are the Google Adwords’ managed services:

  1. Research of Keywords
  2. Geo-targeting
  3. Optimization and Creation of Text Ads
  4. Re-structuring/Structuring of Account
  5. Conversion Tracking
  6. Transparency
  7. Weekly or Monthly Performance Report in Detail

Deciding on which platform is better is all up to you because it boils down to how much you can spare for advertisement.

7 Seo Myths, Dispelled

seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is very useful and it should not be set aside.  Do not believe those who say otherwise because it’s a useful method and gets your business to where you want it to be.  If you are not so familiar with SEO or if you are, but have some doubts about it, here are some SEO myths you have to know:

  1. Onsite SEO isn’t useful.

What are onsite SEO?  These are the semantic mark-up, internal links, clean code and title tags to name a few. These will help in your indexing, rankings and usability.

  1. Paid links aren’t useful.

This is not always true. This is useful for companies who offer advertorial content, directory listings, sponsorships, press releases and the like. Paid links is being strategic and it isn’t bad to be strategic.

  1. Keyword density isn’t important.

Search engines utilize keywords in calculating whether content on a specific page is relevant or not.  That is how search engines work and keywords are the way to get that search engines going after your page.

  1. Content is everything.

While good content draws people in, there is nothing compared to the power of SEO links.  It has to be a combination of both.

  1. Meta tags are big-time

Some might say that Meta descriptions contribute big-time and gets you great rankings.  Well, this could be true if Google will use these Meta tags, but it doesn’t anymore.

  1. Bad links won’t hurt your site.

When bad links are all over your inbound-link profile, those links won’t affect your ranking.  But you have to be mindful of spam links, measuring these unusual links on a regular basis will surely help.  If you won’t, you may get yourself into trouble.

  1. Don’t pay for keywords

Don’t stop paying for keywords for your SEO.  Many would argue on the value of SEO and PPC but both of these methods offer good results.  So, why not employ both methods to achieve outstanding results?

Do you know that a high percentage of consumers use search engine when they want to purchase something?  This should not surprise us at all because keyword search is among the top internet activity aside from mail, social media and video.  This alone should point out the importance of SEO. While SEO can cost you money, you are sure of great results.  It may not be immediate conversion of sales but it will ultimately generate good figures.  You will need experts to do SEO for you because the entire task is complex and involve several interrelated sub-tasks that can’t be done by one person alone.  Think of it as an investment because a good SEO will continue to give you positive results even if the SEO task is done  unlike PPC where it requires from you constant investment.

Try a cost-benefit analysis for an SEO project so you’ll see it for yourself.  If you are interested to know more about SEO, do email us at wonjo@wonjo32.com.